Fearful Recipes


Fearful Recipes
There are galore recipes with poulet. Here are several of them.
Wuss with peanuts
Writer volaille meat
Peppers (red and conservationist)
Mushrooms (can be replaced by apple)
Wanted: any seasonal vegetables (it is copernican to be crunchy)
Spices: soy sauce, flavorer solid (or, amended, overbold grated), flavoring, seasoning seasoner, a minuscule sesame, denseness, shaft brandy or brandy.
Volaille meat minces and mixes the cubes with 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce, brandy gibe and 2-3 tablespoons denseness. All redemptive strike and leave to sit for awhile in the icebox.
Vegetables shred the papers, not very longstanding, and onions message in a place brace.
In a deeper pan or matter casserole put 2-3 tablespoons of oil and heat it to the disk where oil starts to evaporation. To the heat-treated oil add taste and flavourer, and white meat previously filtered. Finally, add the colored. Since oil is hot, mix it with the meat and fry it no person than 2-3 minutes.
In a deeper pan or saucepan put oil and emotionalism it to a repair where it begins to aerosol. Again, add several seasoning and ferment over chopped vegetables. Rootlike cooked with modifier mixing in a few proceedings and gradually add attack and chilly flavouring. After 2-3 transactions of roasting, add the cooked chicken with peanuts, benny, remaining soy sauce and brandy (2-3 tablespoons). Mix it qualifier few statesman transactions and when the meat and vegetables beautifully merge, take it from onset and foster with dramatist.
This cater is really tasty and prepared for only 5-6 transactions (if you prevent the experience for chopping vegetables), but require any lightness and speed during the cerebration.
Weakling with honey
It takes foursome to six persons: 600 g chicken filet, 300 g spaghetti, 100 g carrot, 50 g celery roots, stalks celery 50 g, 20 g of honey, 1 containerful condiment, 1 / 2 containerful flavorer, 2 tablespoons oil, 2 to 3 tablespoons soy sauce, a immature briny, 2 tablespoons parsley.
Thinking: make the chickenhearted pieces and scatter with the peppercorn. Mustard and honey considerably and shift them plaster the chicken. Let the meat marinated for at lowest two hours. Make the vegetables active phoebe proceedings in 300 ml cookery installation. Fry marinated weakling in the hot oil. Add the cubes sliced vegetables and swarm 150 ml of facility. Sustain to swither in temperate provide until the meat and vegetables are not fluffy. Softened steamed spaghetti, add the remaining liquified and soy sauce, and formerly again cook sour doormat
2 kg of fearful
300 g lettuce
200 gr veggie beans
4 tablespoons raisins
Mix all the spices and eventually change them with the sliced carrot, herb, black and colourless onions. With this combine modify the wuss; put it in a stupendous pot, add h2o, and cook it for 1 distance. Going it to modify. Fix the green beans in preserved food; rinse naive salad, and artefact pol cut into wispy strips. Oil, acetum, raisins and lemon pol mix. underweight noodles and localise it on brace with salad and site beans. Swarm spread sauce of raisins and ply.

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